Liquid Gold

Let the fragrance always take you back to That Magical Spa,
The Place for Best Kept Beauty Secrets.

In Morocco, spending time in a Hammam is a centuries-old tradition. The experience is all about water, moving from various hot and cold plunge pools to the warmth of the Hammam. The hammam ritual incorporates several elements, such as organic black soap, fine rhassoul clay masks, pure eucalyptus oils and kessa glove exfoliation. All of these ingredients work together to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. L’arganique Beauté’s first Spa Collection is inspired by Destination Morocco, at the Hammam. A place to steam and relax. It’s all about the Art of Argan Oil Ritual for beautiful fragrance and natural skin treatments.

Only the purest organic Argan Oil essence from the land is selected for this luxury Spa Collection.

To Begin your Spa Ritual. Start with your L’arganique Beauté Collection. L’arganique Beauté Scented Candle and L’arganique Beauté Eau De Parfum. Breathe and relax. You are now where you want to be, That Magical Place with your Best Kept Beauty Secret by LJP.